I started working with Morgan because, although I am lucky enough not to live paycheck to paycheck, I didn’t ever feel like my family was getting ahead. I had made my finances TOO EASY with all of my bills set up to be paid automatically and I was lacking awareness of our spending habits. After our highest income year ever, I found myself asking “Where did all that money go?!” I knew there had to be a better way to make more progress towards our long term goals in the good years, and in challenging times, too.

No matter your income or your cash flow situation, everyone can benefit from being more hands on with their finances and mindful of their priorities. In just a few minutes every couple of days, I can check to make sure everything is on track and see progress towards our goals. Awareness and accountability have redefined our priorities to what really matters. Now I am so much more confident and excited about our financial future. Thank you Morgan!

Denise | California